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The new Microsoft Surface brings you the best of Wintel

Looking to boost productivity and efficiency? Look no further than the powerful combo of Windows and Intel. We’re talking about sleek laptops, versatile 2-in-1s, and the game-changing Surface Hub.

Modern Work, Modern Tools

  • Surface for Business

    Work your way, stay secure, and get more done with Surface and Microsoft 365.

  • Hybrid Work Made Easy

    Find the perfect Surface device for your team, no matter where they work.

  • Simple IT, Big Savings

    Deploy Surface devices with ease and cut down on management costs.

  • Surface Hub

    Bring Your Team Together: Collaborate and innovate with interactive displays.

  • Security Built In

    Protect your business with Microsoft security and Surface devices.

Find the Perfect Surface for You

Surface Laptops

Powerful, sleek, and ready for anything.

Surface 2-in-1s

Versatility meets performance.

Device Management

Effortless Endpoint Control

Securely manage a wide range of devices, including


Corporate and personally owned (BYOD), with unified console management and location-based compliance for leading brands like Samsung.


Centralized management, data security, and performance optimization for top brands like Apple, Samsung, Cisco.


Compliance enforcement, threat detection, and optimization for brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP.

Desktops & 2-in-1s

Enhanced visibility and compliance for brands like Microsoft.

All-in-one PCs

Multi-tenant architecture and security for brands like BENQ, EISO, Blackmagic.

Apple Watches

Custom deployment and access control tailored to your organization.

IT Management

Proactive Monitoring

Early issue detection and resolution.

Modern ITSM

Cloud-based, agile, and innovative.

Reliable Disaster Recovery

Keep your business running, even during disruptions.

Optimized Virtual Workspaces

Enhanced performance and security.


Server Virtualization

Leverage the benefits of virtualization to meet evolving demands.

Desktop Virtualization

Enable remote access to applications without local installation.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Empower your workforce with secure, scalable virtual desktops.

RDS (Remote Desktop Services)

Seamless, secure desktop experience on any device.

HCI (Hyper-converged Infrastructure)

Simplify multi-cloud complexity.

Server & Migrations

Server Consolidation

Reduce costs and improve control.

P2V (Physical-to-Virtual)

Convert physical servers to virtual for enhanced flexibility.

V2V (Virtual-to-Virtual)

Efficient migration between virtual platforms.

Database Migration

Modernize your database environment with minimal disruption.

Application Migration

Hassle-free application migration with real-time monitoring.

Data Centers

Efficient Deployment

Scalable and customizable solutions for logistical efficiency at every step.

Streamlined Automation

Transform IT service delivery across diverse landscapes, unlocking your business's potential.

Adaptive Backup

Simplify infrastructure and implement new architectures into a manageable, unified ecosystem.

Resilient Design

Create a secure and efficient facility for resilience, efficiency, and security against a competitive landscape and highly regulated setting.