iPad & Mac: The Safe & Sound Choice for Students

Ready to empower your school’s leadership and inspire innovation? Apple provides the tools and resources to help you create a thriving learning environment.

Security That's Built Right In

Fortress-like Protection

iPads and Macs are like digital fortresses, designed to keep out bad guys and harmful software.

School-Level Security

Even when your child's device is at home, their school can make sure it's always up-to-date and secure.

Your Child's Privacy Matters

Privacy First

Apple puts your child's privacy front and center. Their information is protected, and school tools like Managed Apple IDs keep everything secure.

Just for Learning

You can rest assured that data collected on your child's device is only used for educational purposes.

Parent Power-Ups

Jamf Parent App

Become the master of your child's device! Set time limits, block certain apps, and even get a notification when they arrive at school safely. It's like having a digital parenting sidekick.