iPad & Mac: Your Classroom's Dynamic Duo

Apple technology brings teachers and students together, creating engaging learning experiences whether in the classroom or at home. With powerful apps and resources for every subject, iPad and Mac help you shape the future of education.

Must-Have Apps for Teachers

Apple Classroom

Your Command Center

Take charge of your classroom. View student screens, guide focus with app locking, showcase student work, and more - all from your iPad.


Apple Schoolwork

Streamline Assignments & Feedback

Distribute handouts, collect assignments, and track student progress effortlessly. Provide real-time feedback to keep students engaged.


Level Up Your Teaching Expertise

Apple Professional Learning (APL)

Your Path to Mastery

From the fundamentals to innovative teaching strategies, APL offers a wealth of learning opportunities designed to inspire and empower educators.

Apple Teacher

Become a Certified Apple Educator

This self-paced program equips you with essential skills for using Apple products in your classroom. Earn recognition and become an Apple Teacher!

Apple's Creative & Coding Curriculum

Everyone Can Create

Unleash Student Imagination

Spark creativity with free resources that help students express their ideas through drawing, video, music, and more.

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Everyone Can Code

Prepare Students for the Future

Empower students with coding skills essential for the digital age. Our step-by-step guides make coding accessible and fun.

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College & Career Readiness with Swift

Develop in Swift

Build Apps That Matter

Prepare students for tech careers with Swift, Apple's powerful and intuitive programming language. Learn to build apps that solve real-world problems.

Transform Your Classroom with Conquer